Dragon 3 smHaving completed the writing of the new project at the beginning of the year, Clive has now proceeded to the recording phase. Due to the Covid 19 lockdown, the chorus parts, sung in Anglo-Saxon, are being recorded at homes and delivered for editing via Internet.

Clive has already announced the names of the four solo singers taking part in the project. These are Christina Booth, Gemma Ashley, Natalie Barnett and Ryan Morgan. The chorus has also gathered some well-known progressive names. Details will be revealed soon!

Clive: ‘The Wildland Warriors’ is the name I gave to all the lovely people who have been helping me make my new album, ‘Song of the Wildlands’ (code named ‘The Viking Project’). The project will eventually be released by the Norwegian Crime Records and We Låve Rock Music.

I thought, as we got hit with this unsettling new way of life, that this album would end up on ice for an unknown amount of time. Then, I put a call out online to anyone who was ready, willing and able to record their vocals.

I wanted to start building the chorus parts of this album, which in many ways are the most important element. My aim was to build up maybe a choir of about 100 voices. Well, thanks to each my ‘Wildland Warrior’ providing me with multiple tracks, I have (in some songs) about 140 voices singing in Anglo-Saxon (translated by our splendid medieval guru, Christopher Monk)! And there are still more to come!

I thought I might offer you a taste of the terrific work these guys are doing. With help from director Neil Monaghan, we have collected many of them together for this little video clip.

Many thanks to the wonderful ‘Warriors’ who took part in recording the vocals for “Dragon Fire”.

Watch the "Dragon Fire" Teaser HERE