Guest Appearances

Grzegorz Chorus3

TRACY HITCHINGS "From Ignorance to Ecstasy" (1991) - composer, lyricist, keyboardist, backing vocalist, producer

LANDMARQ "Solitary Witness" (1992) - lyricist

MANNERISM (A Celebration of the Music of Geoff Mann) (1994, 2001) - keyboardist in"Love Song" and "Human Being"

MEDICINE MAN "The Journey" (1995) - keyboardist and producer

MEDICINE MAN "A Dark and Dangerous Rhythm" (1997) - keyboardist and producer

AYREON "Into the Electric Castle" (1998) - keyboardist

NIGHTINGALE "I" (2000) - keyboardist

AYREON "The Dream Sequencer" (2000) - keyboardist

AYREON "Flight of the Migrator" (2000) - keyboardist

MICHELLE YOUNG "Marked for Madness" (2001) - keyboardist and co-producer

DRAGONFORCE "Valley of the Damned" (2003) - backing vocalists, additional keyboardist

EDGE OF SANITY "Crimson II" (2003) - lyricist

JOHN WETTON "Rock of faith" (2003) - composer, producer, keyboardist, backing vocalist

DRAGONFORCE "Sonic Firestorm" (2004) - backing vocalist

DRAGONFORCE "Inhuman Rampage" (2006) - backing vocalist

DRAGONFORCE "Ultra Beatdown" (2008) - backing vocalist

AGNIESZKA SWITA "Sleepless" (2014) - producer, title track composer and lyricist, keyboardist

GANDALF'S FIST "A Forest of Fey" (2014) - additional keyboardist

SETI "Bold Travels" (2016) - keyboard solos

GEMMA ASHLEY "Vera Voce" (2016) - producer, "Solitary Man" composer and keyboardist 

INFRINGEMENT "Transition" (2017) - keyboard solos

ELISABETH ELLINGSEN "A Singer's Guide to Love and Murder" (2018) - "Closer" and "Shadows" composer, lyricist, keyboardist

THE MARANELLOS "Paul Manzi/Minki Malkin: Introducing the Maranellos" (2018) - "How did it Come to This?" co-writer, keyboardist

TWELFTH NIGHT " Fact and Fiction - The Definitive Edition" (2018) - Disc Three: "Human Being" keyboardist, "World Without End" keyboardist, orchestration, arrangement  

NINE SKIES "Sweetheart Grips” (2019) - keyboard solo

INFRINGEMENT "Alienism" (2019) - keyboard solo

GABRIEL "New Life" (2020) - keyboard solo on "New Life"

THE BASKERVILLE FILES "Sherlock Holmes and the Children of London" (2022) - vocal (Watson), keyboard solo