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1. 'Dare to be Happy' (Sing with Verity White)
2. 'Dare to be Happy' (Sing with Guy Barnes)
3. ‘Nostalgia'
4. 'Letting my Demons Go'
5. 'Salvation Has a Name'
6. 'Silent Words' (Sing with Clive Nolan)
7. 'Silent Words' (Sing with Gemma Ashley)
8. 'Legend of the Unicorn Orchid' (Sing with Christina Booth)
9. 'Legend of the Unicorn Orchid' (Sing with Verity White)
10. 'In Harm’s Way'
11. 'I Should Have Known'

Featuring instrumental performances of:

Clive Nolan (keyboards)
Mark Westwood (guitars)
Scott Higham (drums)
Kylan Amos (bass)
Morten L. Clason (flute)
Penny Gee (violin)
Alaster Bentley (oboe)

For lyrics check the CD booklet or visit the website