Clive Shadz book FINAL cover“Nightmares, Nonsense and Nursery Rhymes” is a collection of all the lyrics of the progressive rock band, Shadowland. However, much more than that, it includes many observations and anecdotes from the Clive about his experiences in the band as well as some of the reasons and motivations behind the lyrics.

Learn about the origins of Shadowland, share some stories from their tours and read about some of the stranger sources of inspiration for the songs.

For Shadowland fans, progressive music fans, and those perhaps just curious about the inner workings of a rock band, this is worth a read.

Clive: “I am proud to announce the release of my new book, 'Nightmares, Nonsense and Nursery Rhymes', which is the collected lyrics of Shadowland along with many insights and anecdotes about the band and their songs.

If you like Shadowland, then this is an essential... if you are a prog fan, then this is well worth a read... if you find the workings of a band interesting, then this deserves a browse... if you don't really care at all, then this is the perfect book to add a touch of mystery to your coffee table - or something to stick under one of the coffee table legs.

Just go to AMAZON and search for Clive Nolan ‘Nightmares’.”