Int part 1 4The preparations for 'The Fire and the Quest' are now in full swing as the cast and crew of the new version of 'She' are working hard to ensure the success of the September show. This brand new production, directed by the multi-talented Ian Baldwin, features an entirely new cast as well as a new character and some new material written by Clive especially for that occasion. Whilst a very intense rehearsal schedule is being realised, the costumes are being made and the scenery built. Soon it will be time for 'Alchemy' rehearsals!

Clive: "I have attended various ‘She’ rehearsals along the way so far and things are moving along really well. I can see the show taking shape, and making sense! Ian’s vision of ‘She’ is dynamic and exciting. It’s going to be a great show. It’s scary to think that ‘Alchemy’ rehearsals will begin very soon… time to re-learn those lyrics... ;)"

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