New waysClive: “It is with both excitement and sadness that I announce the parting of ways with Metal Mind regarding the future musicals. It’s time to see if we can reach out to new audiences and perhaps take the new shows down some slightly different pathways. Metal Mind continues to be a company I love working with, and they will still be marketing ‘She’ and ‘Alchemy’ (amongst many other things). Their support has always been a great part of what I do and I hope we will still be working together on new ideas along the way.

A change like this certainly comes with consequences, many of which will become clear over the next few months, but having written most of ‘King’s Ransom’ as well as making great progress on ‘Dark Fables’, I look forward to seeing where we can take these shows next! I have always considered the followers of my musicals to be a loyal and enthusiastic community, and I dearly wish this will both continue and grow. There are some thrilling developments ahead, which will definitely require your support, but with a fair wind behind us, perhaps we can take the shows to new heights! So, never was Professor King more right… ‘It seems our work is not yet done!’ “