Clive app smallClive: "I am excited to announce that an App has been developed for me. "Clive Nolan – Hall of Mirrors" You can download it for iPhone or for Android… and it’s FREE! In this App I hope to take you deeper into my world.

There will be news and insights into Arena, Pendragon and even Shadowland, as well as the musicals and other projects including ‘Song of the Wildlands’. I might also share a few of my adventures in the new house as well as some glimpses into plans which have yet to be revealed.
This will not be FB or Instagram or Twitter... Think of ‘Hall of Mirrors’ as an exclusive club I am inviting you to share with me. There will be things in here that may well not reach other social media.
You also have an opportunity to chat, or ask questions, BUT only if you register in the App, which I hope you will do, otherwise I have no idea who is visiting! So… join me!"

"Clive Nolan – Hall of Mirrors", developed by the lovely people from Fortunella.