Cover front InfringementClive has performed as a special guest on the debut album of the Norwegian progressive rock band Infringement. "Transition" was released in May 2017 and launched at the We Låve Rock Festival in Hurum, Norway. The band consists of four core members: Hans Andreas Brandal on vocal (Caamora Norway), Stig Andre Clason on guitar (The Windmill, Caamora Norway), Kristoffer Utby on drums and Espen Larsen on bass. The album features guest performances from Clive (keyboard), Morten L. Clason (saxophone) and Elisabeth Syrdahl Ellingsen (Caamora Norway) on vocal.

Clive: “I recently recorded some keyboards on the debut album for the Norwegian band ‘Infringement’. This is a colourful album, full of classic symphonic rock moments, and I really enjoyed adding my bit to this. I recommend you check it out. Nice work guys!”

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