CD1 and CD2: 'She' (The Studio Album)

CD3 and CD4: 'She' (Live in Poland)

DVD1: 'She' (Live in Poland)

DVD2: 'She - Behind The Veil' (with Bonus Audio:

'Closer' EP, 'Walk On Water' EP, 'Embrace' EP)

- Agnieszka Swita: vocals
- Clive Nolan: vocals
- Alan Reed: vocals
- Christina Booth: vocals
- Mark Westwod: guitars
- Martin Bowen: guitars
- Richard West: keyboards
- Steve Williams: keyboards
- John Jowitt: bass
- Scott Higham: drums and percussion
- Ewaryst Nowinowski: oboe
- Tomasz Wojtowicz: horn
- Tomasz Starzec: cello
- Alaster Bentley: oboe
- Hugh McDowell: cello
- Mark Kane: horn
- Andy Edwards: drums

Metal Mind 2008