First 40 years


3 discs from the November 2018 sold out
40th Anniversary show at the 229 Venue.


CD 1
If I Were The Wind
The Voyager
Two Roads
Green Eyed Angel
Fly High Fall Far

CD 2
Dark Summer’s Day
I Walk The Rope
Queen Of Hearts: i Queen Of Hearts
Queen Of Hearts: ii A Man Could Die Out Here
Queen Of Hearts : iii the Last Waltz
It’s Only Me
The Freakshow
Fallen Dreams And Angels

CD 3
Sister Bluebird
Masters Of Illusion
Faces Of Light
The Last Man On Earth
Am I Really Losing You?


2 completely re-mixed (not just re-mastered!) versions of
"The World" &
"Men Who Climb Mountains".

- Nick Barrett: vocals, guitars
- Clive Nolan: keyboards, vocals
- Peter Gee: bass, vocals
- Jan-Vincent Velazco: drums
- Zoe Devenish backing vocals
- Verity Smith: backing vocals
- Nigel Harris: drums
- Julian Baker: saxophone