Andre Prins 1After failure of two emergency retinal detachment surgeries, last Sunday Clive was forced to undergo another eye operation. He is now back home recovering from the most difficult one so far. Hopefully, this is the final stage of the procedure and we will soon see Maestro regain his health and return to his usual musical activities. Fingers crossed and we continue to send messages of support and wishes of swift recovery!

Clive: "It seems that fate is against me! I have been rushed back into hospital for a third emergency operation on the eye! It is clear that I was not free of the problem after all - it's not the disappointment that hurts, it's the hope! My state of mind is currently dwelling somewhere between depression and anger! So, it's back to the prison of the green wrist band and a semi twilight world. I'm sorry I wasted all your wonderful optimism and congratulatory messages, but like it or not I'm back to square one! The adventure/nightmare continues..."