Imaginaerium people smallThe long-awaited album of Imaginaerium “The Rise of Medici” will be out on September 30th 2022. The Imaginaerium project started as a concept album idea, when Eric Bouillette, a French composer, guitarist, violinist and a member of numerous rock and progressive rock bands, including Nine Skies, The Room, Solace Supplice, Wilder’s Folly and others, met a charismatic Italian vocalist Laura Piazzai during the 2019 Cheltenham production of Clive’s musical extravaganza “The Lost Journals”, starring Laura as a demonic goddess, Makaria. They soon began talking about the possibilities of working together in the near future. Clive got involved in the Imaginaerium project very early on and was soon working on developing the concept for “The Rise of Medici”, as well as writing the lyrics. In collaboration with Eric, Clive composed the music and orchestrated the forthcoming album. Additionally, he was also asked to sing the part of the villain, Rinaldo.

Imaginaerium are: Clive Nolan (composition, arrangements, lyrics, keyboards, drum recording, vocals – Rinaldo), Eric Bouillette (composition, arrangements, guitars, keyboards, mandolin, violin) and Laura Piazzai (vocals – Contessina). "The Rise of Medici" will also feature the talents of Andy Sears (vocals – Cosimo), Elena Vladyuk (vocals – Lucrezia), Mark Spencer (vocals – Monks), Scott Higham (drums), Bernard Hery (bass) and Isabella Cambini (harp).

Clive: “In some ways I thank the pandemic for allowing me the ‘free’ time to get involved with this project. It appealed to my love of history, and the idea of ‘Renaissance meets Rock’ was fascinating. Having listened to the final mixes I’m convinced people are going to love this one!”

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Listen to “Treachery” [official single] HERE.

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