Caamora Norway thanksClive has just returned from a successful mini tour in Norway! The aim of the acoustic concerts was to promote the forthcoming Norwegian production of 'Alchemy' in May 2017, as well as Clive's new musical, 'King's Ransom'. During the shows in Mysen, Oslo and Saetre, Clive was accompanied by the original Caamora soprano, Gemma Louise Edwards, and the cast of 'Alchemy' in Norway, including Eirikur Hauksson (Magic Pie), Elisabeth Ellingsen, Harriet Müller-Tyl, Christine Ekeberg, Lars Helge Throndsen, Hans Andreas Brandal, Finn Mathisen and the instrumentalists (known from the Norwegian progressive rock band, The Windmill): Morten Clason (flute), Stig Andre Clason (guitar) and Arnfinn Isaksen (bass).

Clive: "A massive thank you to Morten Clason and all the wonderful people involved in Caamora Norway who made this visit so enjoyable and so successful! Thank you to all the terrific singers and musicians who took part. I can see the production developing every day! I also must thank all you lovely people who contributed towards the sponsorship of 'Kings Ransom' - that was a wonderful surprise and very much appreciated! What a great weekend!"

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